What Mums are saying about us...

“Brillantina is an excellent playgroup, Rafael really enjoys the music and his Spanish is improving dramatically every week! I recommend it to any parent who would like to expand their child’s knowledge of a second language in a fun playgroup atmosphere”

Noelle (Marylebone, mum of Rafael 2 yrs old)

“My three children always have a fantastic time at the Brillantina playgroup. They enjoy the wide range of engaging and fun activi-ties.
They all have wonderful time in addition to practicing and improving their Spanish.”

Julie (Marylebone, mum of Andon 6, Sawyer and Emmerson 3 yrs old)


“I didn’t expect my daughter could speak Spanish so early! I love it!”

Ann (Kensington, mum of Rachel 3 yrs old)

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